One Good Reason - Sarah Mayberry I really enjoyed this book. Like most of Sarah Mayberry's romances, it's got real people living in the real world with real problems that aren't easily solved. There is a lot of angst as well as a great build up of tension stemming from the enemies-to-lovers premise. The writing is excellent and there are enough moments of humor to keep the book from being too depressing given the heavy baggage Jon is lugging around.

The only factor keeping this from being a 5 star read for me is the short time frame in which Jon and Gabby fall in love. The story takes place over a two week span and given the amount of emotional trauma Jon has suffered in his past and Gabby's past romantic history with Jon's brother, two weeks seems an unhealthy and unrealistic amount of time for declarations of everlasting love. It's a small complaint in an otherwise great book.