New Life - Bonnie Dee 3.5 stars.

I flew through this book pretty fast which is a good thing, right? It reminded me a little of On the Island by Tracy Garvis Graves in that the POV is alternating 1st Person between the H/H and there is an initial power imbalance between the two. In On The Island, it's a wide age gap. In New Life, it's a societal gap: he's a janitor with brain injury issues and she's a young lawyer.

The premise was a nice change of pace and created some unique conflicts that Jason and Anna have to overcome. I don't know anything about brain-injuries or how true-to-life Jason's recovery is portrayed but I bought into and enjoyed getting to know them both. Definitely a different kind of romance.

If you're not a fan of cheating:
Jason cheats on Anna rather suddenly about mid-way through the book and while cheating normally doesn't bother me in romances, I did find it rather off-putting in this instance.