For the Love of a Soldier

For the Love of a Soldier - Victoria  Morgan 2.5 Stars

If I didn't know that this book was published in 2013, I would have wagered money that it was written in the late 1990's. Between the writing style and several cliched plot points, it seems dated. The heroine does a lot of "bucking" whenever the hero touches her soft folds. And he spends a lot of time thinking about the heat in his 'loins.' Is it just me? I thought those words had been retired from new romances.

But... despite the 'old skool' feel to this book, it's not without its merits. There are some sweet scenes between the hero and heroine that I enjoyed. I liked the inclusion of information about the war and his PTSD. The H/H are both perfectly likable and while the plot is incredibly predictable, it doesn't suffer from huge gaps in logic.

I might have rated this book higher if the writing style had been more to my liking (it wasn't very fluid and some of the dialogue was clunky) and the plot less cliched. The ending is completely skippable once the villain makes himself known.