Adam's Promise - Julianne MacLean What I liked:
The setting. I have never read a romance based in Nova Scotia and it was a welcome change of pace.
The hero, Adam, was a good man. He was always honest and there were no big misunderstandings.
Adam slowly falls in love with Madelaine over the course of several months instead of the often typical "lust at first sight"
The children in the book were only briefly seen and there weren't many pages devoted to their cuteness.
This was a character driven book. No ridiculous villain or madcap adventure to recover stolen jewels.

What I didn't like:
The conflict that kept Madelaine from marryimg Adam. I found it very unbelievable. Perhaps if the sister had been a little more two dimensional, I would have understood Madelaine's torn loyalties. But since the sister was such a spoiled brat, it was hard to accept it as the main roadblock to everyone's happiness.