The Serpent Prince (Princes Trilogy, #3)

The Serpent Prince (Princes Trilogy, #3) - Elizabeth Hoyt I'm not entirely clear what compelled me to read this book. I didn't particularly care for the first two books in this series yet there I was on Amazon hitting "Buy Now With 1-Click." Maybe I just wanted to finish out the series? Maybe I was hoping third time would be the charm? Maybe I thought if I just tried hard enough, I could see what everyone else loves about this series? Maybe I'm lousy at making good decisions when it comes to spending my money?

Whatever the reason, it was a mistake to click on "Buy" because I didn't find myself liking this book any more than The Raven Prince or The Leopard Prince. But I did learn from past mistakes because I stopped reading at the 50% mark so there's that.

I'm going to stick with her Maiden Lane series because I'm having better luck liking (and finishing) those.