Along Came Trouble (Camelot, #2) - Ruthie Knox 2.5 Stars

**mild spoilers**

Huh. I was so sure I was going to love this book yet here I am giving it 2.5 stars. Nothing about this book really worked for me except the writing. I love Ruthie Knox's voice and that shines through in Along Came Trouble but the rest falls flat.

Here are my three main issues:

Warp Speed Love:
Caleb, the hero, declares his love three days after meeting Ellen and proposes a few days later. I know this is a romance and fantasy but it's hard to believe in a HEA when there's no solid foundation for his adoration of Ellen. She's dismissive and mean to him for the first 70% of the book and I still don't understand why he's so smitten with her. He likes her strength and determination but the dude was in the military for 15 years so there's no way he hasn't met plenty of strong, determined women before. I can understand, however, why Ellen falls in love within a week because Caleb is a truly great guy. The book gets one star just for Caleb.

Shaky Premise:
The idea that the paparrazi would be so interested in getting pictues of a famous singer's ex-girlfriend that security must be hired to protect not only the ex-girlfriend but also the singer's sister is pretty ludicrous. No one was interested in pictures of Sarah Larson after George Clooney broke up with her. And can anyone tell me what George Clooney's sister looks like? Didn't think so. Normally I'm fine with suspending my disbelief but I really struggled with the set-up since so much of the later conflict deals with security issues and the looming threat of photographers.

Lack of Tension:
Because Caleb and Ellen fall into bed so quickly, there isn't much room for building the tension between the two. The book is more focused on Ellen learning to trust in herself and Caleb. Ruthie Knox has written other books with fabulous tension (most notably Ride With Me )so I was sad to find it missing here. I kept reading hoping maybe the latter half of the book would have some good tension but that didn't happen.

The book definitely does have some merit. The writing is great, the small town is believable, the dialogue is sharp, and the secondary characters (while a bit too numerous for my liking) added to the story in a way that wasn't clumsy or smacked too obviously of sequel baiting.

If you've never read a book by Ruthie Knox before, I would recommend reading Ride With Me or About Last Night . Both are fantastic. This one? Not so much.