Love Irresistibly (FBI / US Attorney, #4)

Love Irresistibly (FBI / US Attorney, #4) - Julie James This books is just shy of being a Desert Island Keeper for me. Probably the only reason it didn't make the cut is because it's so incredibly similar to her other books. It's almost like a Greatest Hits album in that she's taken all the best elements from her other books and re-assembled them into this book: Nearly perfect law-enforcing hero with sarcastic sense of humor, attorney heroine with sarcastic sense of humor, best friends with sarcastic senses of humor, hot sex followed by sarcastic conversations.

Maybe by her tenth or fifteenth book, I'll be sick of this formula but for now I'm really enjoying it.

What I love most about this book (and her other ones) is the progression of the romance. The H/H develop mutual respect for each other which then morphs into mutual attraction. The attraction builds and builds until they have no choice but to fall into bed together. The respect, attraction, and lust eventually turns into love. It's such a nice change of pace from so many other contemporary romances I read that start off with lust, followed by more a little more lust until... poof... they're magically in love and married. In Julie James's books, the H/H become friends as well as lovers. It's a small distinction but for some reason, that really heightens my enjoyment of her books.