Any Duchess Will Do (Spindle Cove, #4)

Any Duchess Will Do (Spindle Cove, #4) - Tessa Dare This book flirts around the edge of being a really good. The premise makes it sound as if it will be "fish out of water" story as an impoverished barmaid travels to London with a duke to learn how to be a duchess. But that aspect of the premise is glossed over and Pauline doesn't have very many trepidations or concerns about her sudden new surroundings.

I enjoyed the humor in this book although it felt pretty modern. But maybe that was intentional as this is basically a mash up between Pygmalion and a Cinderella fairytale. If you're a stickler for historical accuracy, then it's probably best to look elsewhere. A duke marrying a barmaid? As hard as the author tries to make it believable, it isn't.

This is book #4 in a series and can be read as a standalone. Even though I've read the first three, I remembered almost nothing of the previous characters who make several appearances throughout the story. I suspect if there's a book #5 and I decide to read it, I will remember almost nothing about this book, either. And for that reason, it only rates a 3 star from me.