Years - LaVyrle Spencer I really liked this book. It's not without its flaws... or maybe it's just the fact that it is an older historical and my expecations are different now than they were twenty years ago. I thought the age difference between the hero and heroine would be a stumbling block for me but even though Teddy is 34, his emotional maturity is more on par with Linnea who is only 18. Because they're emotionally equal, the negative power dynamic usually represented by a large age difference is gone.

Much of the book is Linnea and Teddy arguing. Repeatedly. About the same things again and again. It gets a little repetitive. When they're not arguing, they're blushing. But despite that, there is a nice slow build of tension between the two so that when they finally realize and act on their feelings, the pay-off works.

While I really liked the book, I think I could have stopped reading after Chapter 21 and been perfectly happy. There is a lot of grief and sadness that happens in the last five or so chapters. I know it's a realistic portrayal of what life must have been like in the early 20th century in North Dakota but I was a little taken aback with the amount of sadness. There is, however, a happily ever after once all that goop is done.

Note: The Kindle version of this book is riddled with formatting errors.