To Love a Thief

To Love a Thief - Julie Anne Long LOVED THIS BOOK!

This book has just about everything I love in an historical romance. The only thing missing is an Alpha hero but Gideon is so fantastic that I have no trouble overlooking that.

The "My Fair Lady" theme was well done. Lily's internal dialogue was very funny and she consistently made smart choices.

The side characters were perfect. Just the right amount time devoted to them and no obvious sequel-baiting.

Lily and Gideon's love built slowly throughout the book. I'm not a fan of love/lust at first sight followed by "big misunderstanding" that keeps the H/h apart until HEA. This book focused on the H/h personalities and motivations so that by the time they realize they're falling in love, it's believable and you can't wait for the first kiss.

This is a desert island keeper for me.