Pride & Passion (The Brethren Guardians, #2) - Charlotte Featherstone Excellent book. Highly recommend. 4.5 Stars

What I loved:
Unrequited love by angst-ridden Duke with a deeply guarded secret for a woman who despises him.
The romantic and sexual tension was incredible. A real slow build to her eventual thawing and enlightenment.
Adrian was beyond sexy and his verbal descriptions of how he planned to seduce Lucy were sinful.

What I didn't love:
The mystery/intrique of Orpheus and the Brethren is a little silly and far-fetched. So many clues are dropped too early and often that it no longer is of interest who the villian is or what Adrian's secrect is. Only the "how" and "why" are left to be puzzled out

This is clearly the second book in a three part series. It didn't lessen my enjoyment by not having read the first (although I definitely plan to) since the mystery/intrique is so thin and quite secondary to the romance between Adrian and Lucy.