To Marry the Duke (American Heiresses, #1)

To Marry the Duke (American Heiresses, #1) - Julianne MacLean No one loves a tortured duke more than me. Add in a spunky " fish out of water" heroine from America and I was fully prepared to love this book. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. The duke, James, seemed pretty wishy- washy in his introspections. "I will marry her. I won't marry her. I can control my passion. I cannot control my passion.". On and on. Sophia, the American heiress, fell in love with the duke a little too quickly for someone who was very determined to take her time choosing a husband. They never clicked as a couple for me and I lost interest in them rather quickly.

I've read other books by this author which I loved. The writing in this wasn't nearly as good as though. Or maybe I just noticed the silly euphemisms and stilted dialogue because the tension and conflict was lacking.