Taken by the Cowboy

Taken by the Cowboy - Julianne MacLean Loved this book. It's been ages since I've read a time-travel that I enjoy. Like any time-travel, you have to avoid looking for gaps in logic because it's a TIME TRAVEL and will never make logical sense.

Not sure why it's called Taken By the Cowboy since the hero is a sheriff and former bounty hunter but he rides a horse so maybe that qualifies as 'cowboy' for romance novel purposes. Either way, he is fabulous with just the right amount of humor, sexiness, protectiveness and integrity. The heroine, Jessica, is smart, funny and likeable. Most of the story is told with her POV but there are enough POV's from the hero to keep it from being totally lopsided.

What I like most about this book is how the romantic and sexual tension builds between Wade and Jessica. I'm not a fan of instant lust or sex after first meeting. In this story, their romance develops at a nice pace. Begins with some animosity followed by respect/friendship before delving into attraction/lust. And even better, they both fight the attraction/lust for different but appropriate reasons. By the time they finally fall into bed together, you're fully rooting for it to happen.

I also love how the ending surprised me. I was certain I had figured out how they would find their happily ever after and I couldn't have been more wrong.

Great read. Highly recommend. This is going to be filed in my keeper collection on Kindle so I can re-read it one day.