Bodacious - Sharon Ervin This was a fun read. It's not perfect and has a few scenes that I would have liked to see deleted with one in particular. Heroine decides to give villain who tried to rape and kill her a second chance. Really? Even though she admits to herself how dumb that idea was, it didn't fully redeem her in my eyes .

The chemistry between Bo and Sara is very well done. There is a baking scene that is especially effective in building up the tension between the two. I also really liked the author's writing style.

The last 30% of the book gets a little repetive with Sara re-telling her captivity story a few times in great detail. Also, how Bo re-enters her life and his explanation for the how/why he was living on the mountain as a lone-wolf mute is a bit trite. I wish it hadn't ended with everything so perfectly wrapped up in a pretty bow. A little funk in the HEA would have been more believable.

But overall, I liked this book and will definitely read more by this author.