Unholy Ghosts (Downside Ghosts, #1)

Unholy Ghosts - Stacia Kane Interesting start to a series. I can't say that I loved it or am going to continue with the series but I can say it's a truly unique series. I don't recall ever reading a romance where the heroine loves heroin. She's a drug addict and clearly would benefit from a intervention lead by Candy Finnigan. Her name is Chess and she's a witch barely making enough money capturing ghosts to feed her habit.
The action scenes and world building are very well done and if those were my main reasons for reading this book, I would probably rate with 4 stars. I was, however, hoping to have a compelling romance storyline interwoven into the book and that's where it falls short for me.
The two male love interests speak like Jar Jar Binks if Jar Jar Binks was Cajun. I found it really hard to get past their dialect and I couldn't see either one as hero material.