One Hit Wonder (Rock Stars in Love #1.5)

One Hit Wonder (Rock Stars in Love #1.5) - Elyssa Patrick This is a pretty flimsy novella.

I like the premise of a personal assistant hiding her unrequited love for her rock star boss. But it's the rock star boss that sinks it for me. I find it nearly impossible to believe he, as a 17 year old, can have one hit song and parlay that into a beach front home in Malibu and a penthouse in NYC sixteen years later with no other hit songs or albums. Just random small venue concerts and appearances. I'm sure that Shaun Cassidy, The Hanson Brothers, and Billy Ray Cyrus would be greatly amused by his ability to sell out Madison Square Garden on the strength of a hit from 16 years ago. Even worse, though, is how suddenly Damon realizes he loves Jane. This seems completely out of the blue and almost laughable.

If this had been a full length book with time for the author to explain more about Damon's wealth and give more insight to how he felt for Jane in the beginning two years that she worked for him, I probably would have liked it much more. There was great promise with the premise and the writing style is nice but this novella just wasn't for me.