As You Wish (Rock Stars in Love #1)

As You Wish (Rock Stars in Love #1) - Elyssa Patrick 2.5 Stars

I love the premise of this book: Rich, disillusioned rock star reluctantly falls in love with optimistic, small town girl.
They meet during a snow storm and he rescues her from the side of the road. He notices that she smells like peonies and peppermint. That's right. Peonies. Because every world famous, former drug addict rock star can easily identify the scent of peonies. Little odd, head scratching moments like this are fairly frequent in the book and diminished the appeal. The heroine, after a somewhat shaky start with abrupt mood changes, eventually grew on me while the hero, who starts off rather likeable, turned int a bit of an asshat. The tension between them builds nicely and there is angst galore with his backstory. Maybe too much piling on of sad backstory. It does, however, reinforce the opposites attract vibe.

The good news is that while I can't really recommend this particular book, I did like it nough to give the author's second book a try (whenever that may be). Maybe the heroine will smell like milk thistle next time.